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Bathroom Suitability

Is my bathroom suited for a bidet attachment?

Please ensure your bathroom is suitable for a bidet attachment.

Your toilet or bathroom is perfect if the toilet has a water inlet nearby:


In this case, one of our cold water models can be connected without any problems (Basic & Rechtsseitiges Model).

Do you want a model that supports warm water (Comfort & Premium Model)?

Our bidet attachments use the hot water connection of the washbasin. The cold water connection can also be routed from the sink if no water supply near the toilet is accessible.

For this purpose, the sink must not be too far away from the toilet.

Bad Eignung Bidet Aufsatz

The best places to do this are bathrooms like the one shown here, where the toilet and sink are not too far apart.


Note that the white PVC hose that connects to the water supply to the sink and bidet is 2.50m long.









A bidet attachment is not recommended for such a bathroom layout:

The laid hoses between the bathroom and the sink would be a hindrance.


If you are unsure about a successful installation, contact Sie uns gerne.

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