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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the function of a bidet / bidet attachment?

  • A bidet has the primary function of replacing the toilet paper for cleaning after going to the toilet. Women can also use an intimate area cleanser.

Runs the bidet attachment on elicrticity?

  • No, the bidet attachment is powered solely by water pressure.

Can I regulate the water pressure?

  • Yes, with every model you can control the water pressure.

Can I control the temperature?

  • Yes, with the Comfort and the Premium Model.

How do I clean the bidet attachment??

  • The two nozzles have a self-cleaning mode. From the outside you can use normal bathroom cleaner.

Don't the nozzles in the toilet get dirty?

  • No, the nozzles only extend when used and then retract again.

Does a bidet attachment even make a difference?

  • Yes absolutely! An unpleasant itching is no longer present and the feeling after going to the toilet is significantly cleaner.

Will I no longer need toilet paper?

  • You can use 1-2 sheets to dry, but this is not absolutely necessary.

Are there any benefits for my health with a bidet attachment?

  • Yes, there are. Cleaning with toilet paper is usually not nearly as thorough as with a water jet, often leaving some behind, which then leads to skin irritation and itching. Many people experience immediate relief from itching, bleeding, hemorrhoids and relief after surgery in this sensitive area. If you have digestive problems such as diarrhea, you have to use the toilet more often and are then happy if you don't have to use toilet paper.

Is a bidet attachment only for women?

  • Women have their own mode, which is extremely helpful, especially during periods or after childbirth. However, the posterior mode is a great relief for both men and women.

Is a bidet attachment suitable for people with physical disabilities?

  • For those who are restricted in their movement, a bidet attachment is a great help because you no longer have to turn around.

Is the operation child-friendly?

  • Yes, it is easy to use and also suitable for children.

Is the bidet attachment difficult to assemble?

  • No, you get all the parts you need and detailed instructions included; installation typically takes less than 30 minutes.

Do I save money by using?

  • Yes absolutely. The bidet attachment pays for itself by all the money you save from not buying toilet paper.



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