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About Us


We at Bidetshop24 are an owner-managed, medium-sized company from Hamburg, Germany.

Our mission is to make the many benefits of an automatic bidet accessible to people without the high cost or hassle.

The founder, Marian Harder, has always had a fascination with Japan. This was based on the foreign but enormously attractive culture, the  technology, buildings and how people treat each other, but also the craziness of the country


Japan mt Fuji Bidetshop24  

As a human being, whether you want to or not, you have to go to the toilet at some point. So when the time came in Japan, the founder noticed futuristic toilets everywhere.



Some of the Japanese toilets looked like something out of a sci-fi film set in 2150: there were heated seats, lights, spray and cleaning functions, sometimes music and scent functions, automatic cleaning of the toilet seat, etc.

The real special feature, which is not just a gimmick, were the nozzles for cleaning after going to the toilet. This function completely replaced the toilet paper and provided a clearly noticeable, thorough cleaning. The question that arose: Why don't we have this at home?


There was the traditional bidet that we find in many bathrooms, but not everyone has the space or resources to install a bidet. In addition, many people do not know what this sink is supposed to be good for. When he was younger, the founder also thought that a bidet was for washing feet.


A washlet was relatively new at the time, i.e. a toilet with an integrated spray function. In fact, at that time there were no cheap alternatives that could be implemented without high costs and extensive installation effort.


This is how the idea was born that people could upgrade their toilet with a screw-on bidet attachment, so that the same effect as with a washlet is achieved - only significantly cheaper and easy & to assemble.


Together with a small but very specialized team, the founder is now fulfilling this vision in the Bidetshop 24.



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