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Comfort Model - Bidet Attachment

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The feel-good bidet with all functions - the Comfort Model (cold and hot water)

The Comfort Model features all the important functions for a feel-good experience in the bathroom. Two chrome knobs for mode and water temperature adjustment, a durable ABS housing and all the accessories you need for an installation.


    No electricity needed for all Bidet Attachments.

    All Models run solely on water pressure.


80% of the world uses bidets

Parts of Europe, South America, the Middle East & Asia use a bidet toilet as standard in the bathroom. Whether called a Japanese toilet, Taharet Musluğu or washlet, they all mean toilets with an integrated bidet. For almost the whole world, using a toilet bidet is taken for granted - also because it has significant advantages over the use of toilet paper:


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"Freshly showered" feeling

When using toilet paper, there's often a lot left behind - you get an itchy and sticky feeling as a result. A cleansing with a bidet attachment for the toilet ensures very thorough cleaning and a pleasantly clean feeling, as fresh as directly after a shower.


Why a bidet attachment?

No electricity required - our bidet attachments only work with water pressure. Installation takes less than 30 minutes andthe attachment is easy to operate.

The bidet insert for the toilet is a much more cost-effective alternative to a classic washlet, i.e. a toilet bowl with an integrated bidet. A power supply is required here, the acquisition is expensive and the installation effort is very high.

With the bidet attachment you have a toilet with bidet function that is easy to install and available at a reasonable price.



Posterior Mode

This rectal shower mode is the main function of your bidet. The freely adjustable water pressure allows thorough cleaning and a subsequent feeling of freshness.

Feminine mode

The lady shower comes through a separate nozzle and is the setting for optimal feminine hygiene.

Self-Cleaning Mode

The self-cleaning nozzle flushes and cleans both nozzles.

Adjustable water pressure

You can select the optimal pressure intensity for you via the stepless water pressure setting.

Adjustable water temperature

With the stepless water temperature control, you can find the optimal and most pleasing temperature for you.

Universal fit

The basic model butt shower fits almost all ceramics, whether oval or D-shaped.

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Perfect for people with special needs

The bidet is a perfect choice for anyone who is restricted in their ability to move. Be it through pregnancy, illness, injury, obesity or old age - our bidet attachments are an ideal relief. No more strenuous turning!


Is my bathroom suitable for a bidet attachment?

HERE takes you to an information page to learn more about the topic.


scope of delivery

  • Comfort Model
  • 1 X Braided Steel Hose + T-Adapter
  • 1 X White PVC Hose + T-Adapter
  • Teflon tape
  • User Manual

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